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EAA Seminar "System of Governance II – An Actuarial Perspective"Feed RSS

Corsi di Formazione - 14/04/2015

Dear Sir or Madam

Solvency II comes into affect soon. Some current developments with respect to the Actuarial Function are:

  • The guideline on the valuation of technical provisions (EIOPA-BoS-14/166) was published on 2 February 2015 and shall apply from 1 April 2015.
  • The guideline on system of governance (EIOPA-BoS-14/253), which includes also the aspects of the Actuarial Function will be finalised in April 2015.

Both guidelines will be relevant for the organisational setup and for daily work of the Actuarial Function. Do you want to…

  • get deeper insight into the special and general governance requirements for the Actuarial Function under Solvency II?
  • gain more detailed knowledge about how to organise the Actuarial Function in your company (especially in small and medium sized companies)?
  • understand how the under Solvency II required Actuarial Function Report could be efficiently designed, how it could be embedded in existing processes, what are the minimum regulatory requirements and how to ensure consistency with other required reports, e.g. RSR or ORSA?
  • comprehend what are the "do's and don'ts" in outsourcing parts or the whole Actuarial Function and how this is adequately reflected in the outsourcing policy, which is required by Solvency II?

If any of your answers is YES, then please take a deeper look at our seminar "System of Governance SII - An Actuarial Perspective" on 22/23 June 2015 in Vienna, and note that the early-bird registration deadline is coming up. We organise this new training in cooperation with the Österreichische Förderungsgesellschaft der Versicherungsmathematik GmbH (ÖFdV GmbH).

The early-bird registration fee is € 790.00 plus 20 % VAT and is valid only until 22 April 2015. After this date, the fee will be € 970.00 plus 20 % VAT. Register now and benefit from this attractive offer!

Please find all additional information attached and on our website incl. a registration form. In addition, we are offering a topic related webinar free of charge on 13 May 2015. The webinar is supposed to give you a first idea of the in-depth seminar in Vienna. An overview on further upcoming events is enclosed as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.