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EAA Webinar “Market Consistent Valuation for Pensions” on 6 November 2015Feed RSS

Corsi di Formazione - 22/09/2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

Lifelong learning and regular CPD is a very important topic for actuaries. The European Actuarial Academy is the knowledge center for actuaries in Europe and wants to give updates on hot topics on a regular basis. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the EAA expands its activities by offering webinars for updates on general and important actuarial topics. This gives you the opportunity to receive on-spot CPD at your local computer.

The first new EAA webinar "Market Consistent Valuation for Pensions" will be held on 6 November 2015.

EIOPA, the European Insurance and Pension Supervisor, is progressing their "Further Work on Solvency for IORPs". Earlier this year a Quantitative Assessment and a Stress Test was conducted by IORPs and or their supervisors in many Member States. EIOPA is working on the assessments of the input they received. Their disclosure of the stress test results is expected in December this year and on the Quantitative Assessment in March 2016. Market Consistent Valuation for Pensions is what EIOPA is aiming for.

This webinar will focus on the valuation of pensions. EIOPA's proposals will be discussed as well as the response from politicians, pension fund representatives and indeed actuaries. The Actuarial Association of Europe issued in May this year a Discussion Paper titled "Clarity before Solvency". This discussion paper will be discussed extensively in the webinar as it is the actuarial food for thought in this important discussion.

The webinar is open to all interested persons, such as actuaries, risk and capital managers, controllers, supervisors and auditors from all types of IORPs (pension funds) and insurance companies. Participants should have a basic understanding of second pillar pensions. It should be noted that this seminar will be helpful for professionals working in pensions at both IORPs and advisors to their sponsoring companies as well as those involved in the communication around pensions including informing the members and beneficiaries.

For a smooth participation it is important that your firewall and computer settings support webinar participations (the program GoToWebinar is used for the webinar). Please also make sure that you are joining the webinar with a stable internet connection.  On 5 November 2015 between 10:00-10:30 o'clock there will be a test session offered to all registered participants to test the software. Participation is voluntary.

The registration fee for the webinar is € 100.00 plus 19 % VAT.

Please find additional information and a registration form on our website. An overview on upcoming events is enclosed as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Desirée Usejnovski
Event Coordinator/Executive Assistant

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