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News - 01/08/2018

Di seguito si riporta la comunicazione che il Presidente CNA e dell'ISOA ha effetuato all'AAE e all'IAA in occasione del superamento dei 1000 iscritti all'albo. Entrambe le Associazioni hanno gia' risposto formulando congratulazioni e impulso a proseguire su questa strada.


"A good new. We exceeded some days ago the 1.000 fully qualified actuaries enrolled in the italian official list ("albo") recognized by the law. It is one of the results we have reached through our large and very important project to develop actuarial profession in Italy started seven years ago. Now this project  gives the first important results which we can see in terms of numbers but also and above all in terms of communication, relationships , increase of quality, size of internal structure, compulsory training and many others aspects. Moreover the demand of actuaries, above all young, is continuing to exceed the offer, but the offer increase in the same time very much; the question is that also the demand increase more  than the offer so both the trends are positive and our efforts go towards a matching that we hope to reach in 2/3 years after the great work of communication developed particularly in the Universities in the last years. As you know in the next November (21-23 in Rome) we hold our XII National Congress. We shall expected between 900 and 1000 attendees and it will be another significant step inside our project.

My best regards 

Giampaolo Crenca

President ISOA"