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Report to Council: Nov 18, 21 and Dec 19 2016

The last reports from 2016 to Council from the Executive Committee (EC) are now available online, please see the links below. These reports are intended to provide you with an update on the work of the EC. Should you wish to have more details, please contact the Executive Director.


Cape Town meetings (November 18 & 21): http://www.actuaries.org/CTTEES_EXEC/Reports/2016-18-21-11.pdf


December 19 conference call: http://www.actuaries.org/CTTEES_EXEC/Reports/2016-19-12.pdf


2016 Summary on the work of the EC: http://www.actuaries.org/CTTEES_EXEC/Reports/2016.pdf


The EC met on January 24, 2017 and the report from that meeting will follow. The next EC meeting is scheduled for February 21, 2017.



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