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[Aae_social_security_subcommittee] SSSC Webinar

I'm pleased to inform you that on December 14 at 10:00 CET the chairpersons and myself will offer a webinar on behalf of our committee.

The title is: The added value of Social Security actuaries - In what way is actuaries' advice considered in policy decision-making in Member States?

Our intention with this webinar is to highlight the role of the social security actuary. In my opinion, the message to the audience should be that  the Social Security actuary has a crucial role in responding to the challenges the Social Security schemes face / will face due to the dynamic changes on the populations, societies and markets.

On that basis, the webinar is structured as follows:

  • David will make an analysis of the Covid19 impact on Social security systems in EU: What are the expected consequences of the COVID19 pandemic, on social security systems, including demographic developments?
  • Costas will discuss the setting-up of an effective actuarial function in social security: What are the accomplishments of an effective actuarial function in social security which enable the fulfillment of its statutory and non-statutory responsibilities and directly contribute towards policy decision-making and citizen well-being?


  • Tibor will present the current status of the Social Security actuaries' role in the Member States: To what extent the involvement of Social Security actuaries is currently allowed by Member States?


I would highly appreciate your effort to promote our webinar by sending invitations to all who, in your opinion, may attend it; actuaries and non-actuaries. The participation of the non-actuaries in the audience is of importance.  

Some practical info:

  • Registration closes on 9 December 2021
  • In order to allow the registration of external parties, i.e. of those who cannot register via the AAE link, we need to send their email  to Monique so that she will manually register them;so upon their confirmation please send directly their email to Monique.

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