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New Life Products in a Low Interest World

Due to demographic changes and the resulting challenges for government-run pay-as-you-go systems, the importance of funded private or occupational old age provision will increase in the future. These changes have led to many product developments within the segment of old age provision. Life insurers in some markets nowadays offer a great variety of products. The globalisation and cross-border activities have stimulated the transfer of ideas and product innovations between the markets, especially within the deregulated EU-market with its principle of single license over the last years. The low interest rate environment as well as the solvency requirements following Solvency II ask for new concepts in many markets, especially - but not only - with regard to products that integrate guarantees into the saving process.
Would you like to attend a training which considers modern life insurance products with a special focus on innovations in the life insurance markets?

If yes, we invite you to benefit from the early bird tariff and to join the EAA Web Session "New Life Products in a Low Interest World" on 20/21 May 2021 | 9:00-14:45 CEST.
Your early-bird registration fee is € 450.00 plus 19% VAT for registrations by 7 April 2021. After this date, the fee will be € 585.00 plus 19% VAT.

Please find all additional information in this
print version and on our website . An overview on other upcoming events can be downloaded as well.