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EAA Web Session "Actuarial Data Science Introplication" on 14/15 September 2021

Would you like to get a basic and somewhat deeper introduction, showing the most important highlights from Actuarial Data Science and pretty applications? 

If yes, we invite you to benefit from the early bird tariff and to join the EAA Web Session: "Actuarial Data Science Introplication" on 14/15 September 2021 | 9:00-17:00 CEST (day 1) and 9:00-16:30 CEST (day 2). Your early-bird registration fee is € 650.00 plus 19% VAT for registrations by 3 August 2021. After this date, the fee will be € 845.00 plus 19% VAT.

In this two-day web session, we cover a wide range of topics from the basic concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning, through modern data processing technologies and cloud computing, to the mathematical and statistical concepts of data mining. On our way, we will touch on important use cases in the actuarial environment and deepen one or the other business case. To this end, we provide a brief insight into the widely used languages (R, Python) and development environments (RStudio, Anaconda) in the data science context and take a look at innovative insurance products based on individualized risk assessments (e.g. pay how you drive). The online training will be rounded off with short and concise reflections on data protection issues and principles for the ethical handling of artificial intelligence in the insurance environment.

Our topics will be:

  • Artificial and natural intelligence
  • Regression method
  • Data Management
  • Tools & programs
  • Data Processing
  • Data Mining & Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cluster Methods 
  • Artificial neural networks - basics
  • Deep Learning
  • Data preparation / Imputation
  • Data visualization
  • Innovative products
  • Data protection & Ethics

Please find all additional information in this print version and on our website. An overview on other upcoming events can be downloaded as well.