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IAAHS & ASTIN Technical Workshop on Pricing and Reserving

This is a two-day workshop jointly organized by the IAAHS and ASTIN and intended as a refresher course covering Reserving and Pricing models and topics.

Introduction to Reserving

• Definitions and considerations
• The essence of reserving: assessing financial position correctly
• Data => Loss Triangles
• Basic Reserving Techniques
• Assumptions and potential issues
• Other reserving considerations

Introduction to Pricing

• The essence of insurance: the law of large numbers
• The essence of pricing: the equivalence principle
• Different pricing models for different situations
           o   Aggregate models: high frequency - low severity claims
           o   Life models: known size of claims
           o   Individual models: known number of claims
           o   Collective models: low frequency - high severity claims


Day 1 - September 22
15:00-18:15 Singapore/Hong Kong time
"Introduction to Reserving" workshop session led by Michiel van der Wardt

Day 2 - September 23
15:00-18:15 Singapore/Hong Kong time
"Introduction to Pricing" workshop session led by Dr Frank Cuypers

Join us on September 22-23, 2021