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PBSS Webinar: Workers Protection in Italy Part I

In Italy, the workers' protection system is entrusted to a government administration, called INAIL, which covers a very high share of the total Italian working force. The presentations proposed will address some basic aspect of this Social Security scheme, starting from the contribution system, passing through actuarial aspects of the benefits provided, then taking a look at the role of the company in the labor market and concluding with an insight into the publicly available databases provided on the web by the company.

Moderator Giampaolo Crenca (ISOA, President)

1) The Inail contribution rate system (speaker Maria Cristina Paoletti)
a. An overview of the insurance system in Inail
b. The Inail ordinary employee rate, the bonus/malus system

2) Inail insurance benefits (speaker Daniela Martini)
a. Benefits provided by the workers' compensation system
b. Actuarial aspects of benefits' management
c. A special insurance protection for special workers: housewives/househusbands


 Registration is now open!

Join us October 19, 2021
9:00 am EDT