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Call for Papers until 17 January 2022: 3rd EAA e-Conference on "Data Science & Data Ethics"

EAA e-Conference 2022
Call for Papers until 17 January 2022






Computational power is increasing with exponential growth, in addition more and more data is available. This combination puts the actuarial profession into a position where a new understanding has to be developed on today's possibilities of actuarial science and its ethical implications.
The new role of actuaries within big data and ongoing digitalisation is not yet fully defined. Best practice experience sharing and exchange of ideas is needed. The EAA is delighted to offer all interested actuaries and other experts a forum for knowledge exchange:

On 12 May 2022, the third EAA e-Conference on  Data Science & Data Ethics  will take place.

Due to your requests we are happy to extend our deadline and we look forward to receiving your presentation and lecture proposals by 17 January 2022. Detailed submission guidelines can be found on our conference website.
We would like to invite you to get involved and share your knowledge and experience and kindly ask for your contribution to the Call for Papers. Please see below for more information on the key conference topics.


…and these are the 2022 main topics…

We would like to receive proposals for presentations relating to the following topics to be covered at the virtual conference:

  • Use cases - Data science applications in insurance, pensions and risk management
  • Enhancing the actuarial role in data science tasks
  • Regulation in the context of trustworthy AI
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) 
  • Fairness and non-discrimination for insurance
  • Use of consumer data to improve actuarial models
  • Data Science and data ethics in underwriting
  • Using modern statistical methods in traditional actuarial tasks in insurance and pensions 
  • Actuarial approaches using big data outside traditional fields
  • Dynamic pricing - adjusting pricing to customer behaviour 
  • A blueprint for actuaries - Data Science in other industries 

Submissions that concern other topics but have an obvious link with the e-Conference theme are also very welcome

further information


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12 May 2022 | online
EAA e-Conference on  Data Science & Data Ethics                                                             

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