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AFIR-ERM Webinar: ESG and Sustainable Governance Structure - What does it take?

Join us in our upcoming webinar on:

ESG and Sustainable Governance Structure - What does it take?

12 December, 2022 

 07:30 am (EST)| 12:30 pm (BST)| 21:30 pm (JST)



Management teams and company Boards are today more than ever finding themselves under scrutiny to evidence their commitment to saving the planet and doing it right by society's standards. 

Join our panel of experts as they unpack the following:

  • 02 Dec - Is it justifiable that they are accused of widespread greenwashing and virtual signalling amid great uncertainties?
  • 07 Dec - How do Boards and management teams achieve a new paradigm overlay that has never been an explicit financial performance target for them before?
  • 09 Dec - How effectively Green is your governance right now?