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ICA2023 in Sydney - we need your members' best thinking


The International Congress of Actuaries, 2023 in Sydney, Australia, is a marvellous opportunity to get the world's actuaries together and a chance to reset the profession's thinking to deal with a changing world order.

Our own experience in Australia tells us there are always actuaries - both seasoned and up-and-coming - who are prepared to do that thinking. What they need is the extra motivation and recognition that helps them put their best thinking down on paper and to present that thinking in front of a 'live' audience.

That's why we're asking your help to promote our Call for Abstracts to your members. We know that this pitch will be more effective coming from your desk, with your reputation and support behind it.

All you need to do is forward the details below to your members.

Abstract submissions for the 2023 Congress of Actuaries Close in 7 days

Still sitting on that great idea? Now is the time to share your unique insights by submitting an abstract for the 2023 International Congress of Actuaries in Sydney, Australia.

Simply state in 350 words or less your best and most relevant ideas. These can be initial findings or predictions. And don't worry, you will have plenty of time to work on the detail for your content in the lead-up to the event. You also have the choice to present virtually from wherever you are based, or on stage in Sydney. Time is running out - so, submit your thought-provoking ideas today! Submissions close 31 March 2022.

Find out more: ica2023.org/abstract-submissions

We'd really appreciate your support - we're setting out to make ICA2023 not only incredibly stimulating intellectually - but also a festival of reconnection for actuaries from all around the world.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this Call for Abstracts or any other aspect of ICA2023.