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AAE Publications: AAE Discussion Paper and The European Actuary - issue 30, June 2022

AAE Discussion Paper
AAE issued a Press Release on the publication of the AAE Discussion Paper 'From Labour Supply to Labour Productivity'.
All relevant links can be found in the news item on the AAE website.
This paper will be presented at ECA2022 by Maria Economou and an article based on this paper will appear in the next issue of The European Actuary.

The European Actuary
The new issue of The European Actuary (Number 30 - June 2022) is now available and can be downloaded from the AAE website.

The theme of this issue is: Climate Change & Cyber Risk.

Featured Articles:

  • Assessing the Cyber Security Risk | Interview with Bart Groothuis
  • Environmental Regulations - an opportunity not to be missed | by Chloé Coursaget and Léonora Le Quang Huy
  • The Impact of Cyber Risk on Risk Management | by Clemens Frey
  • A View on InsurTech | by Alberto Minali
  • Do you know what your Climate Model is made from? | by Russ Bowdrey and János Hidi
  • From Labour Supply to Labour Productivity | by Maria Economou
  • Climate-related Risk Scenarios| by André Choquet
  • Evaluation of European Deposit Insurance Scheme Funding based on Risk Analysis | by Rafael Moreno Ruiz and Eduardo Trigo Martínez

Please visit the webpage of The European Actuary on the AAE website for prior issues or further details.