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ASTIN Webinar: IFRS 17: The actuary as a story-teller

Join us in our upcoming webinar on:
IFRS 17: The actuary as a story-teller

31 January 2023 / 9:00 AM (EST)



IFRS 17: the actuary as a story-teller
In late 2022, European headquartered insurance groups held investor education events to explain the expected impact of IFRS 17 transition on their future results and financial position.   
Insurers reaffirmed their previously disclosed strategic direction and targets but indicated some rebasing of key performance measures.  Risk appetite and capital management (including solvency ratios) are not affected but changes are expected in return on equity, leverage, and combined ratios. The range of the expected change in key ratios is relatively wide and depends on each insurer's business mix and the degree of alignment between accounting policy choices and approaches to asset-liability management (ALM).
This webinar session will explore observations from recent non-life IFRS 17 investor disclosures addressing key messages, policy choices, and impact on KPIs.

Vasilka Bangeova


Dave Finnis



Vasilka Bangeova, Managing Director, Guy Carpenter, EMEA Strategic Advisory

Vasilka leads Guy Carpenter's IFRS 17 and regulatory advisory services for Global Accounts.  She helps companies optimize the economic benefit of reinsurance within financial targets and operational budgets.
Vasilka has over 15 years of experience in the UK insurance market. Prior to joining Guy Carpenter, she led Capital Aggregation and Risk & Actuarial assurance teams at Aviva, Prudential and Swiss Re. She also held senior technical roles with Big 4 practices advising non-life and life (re)insurers and Lloyd's vehicles.
Vasilka sat on the IASB's IFRS 17 Transitional Resource Group and is a member of the Technical Advisory Group to the UK IFRS 17 Endorsement board, and the ICAEW Insurance Technical Committee.

Dave Finnis, Independent Actuary
Dave is an actuary with over 40 years experience practicing in the insurance field. He has worked as an employed actuary, as a consultant and as an international insurance regulator. He has several international actuarial qualifications and has worked in many parts of the world; primarily in the United Kingdom and Australia, but also in East and South-East Asia, India and Mainland Europe. Dave has also lectured in actuarial studies at an Australian university and gave a postgraduate course in actuarial management of an insurer. He has been assisting the International Actuarial Association's Insurance Accounting and Insurance Regulation Committees for over 20 years and is currently heading a team to actively review the International Actuarial Note (IAN100) in support of IFRS17.

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