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REMINDER IAALS WEBINAR : Innovation To Close The Gap In Protection Insurance Coverage

Join us in our upcoming webinar on:
Innovation to Close the Gap in Protection Insurance Coverage 

19 January 2023 / 9:00 AM (EST)




Innovation to Close the Gap in Protection Insurance Coverage.
The protection insurance gap is growing due to cost of living pressures from rising inflation, increasing strain on health services and ageing populations. This talk will consider the impact of this on life insurers and their customers, and explore opportunities for life insurers to leverage innovation to help bridge the protection gap.




Lisa Balboa

Tim Smith

Lisa Balboa, Business Development Manager, Hannover Re UK Life Branch
Lisa Balboa is a Business Development Manager at Hannover Re working as an actuary across the UK Life Branch and the Global Life and Health Digital Business Accelerator. Lisa is passionate about supporting innovation in the protection insurance industry and has previously presented research for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries on the role of wearables and predictive analytics in managing morbidity risks.

Tim Smith, Head of Protection, Hannover Re UK Life Branch
Tim Smith is Head of Protection at Hannover Re UK Life Branch. With a background spanning life insurance and pensions, and experience in a number of protection markets across the globe, he is committed to supporting clients with innovation to increase access to protection.


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