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New edition of The European Actuary

The new issue of The European Actuary ( Number 33 - March 2023) is now available and can be downloaded from the AAE website.

The theme of this issue is: Artificial Intelligence

Featured Articles:

  • Man and machine: a bright future for insurance? | Interview with Mateusz Maj
    See also the video interview on actuview (Teaser | Full interview)
  • Leadership (and influencing) with the brain in mind | by Lori Shook
  • How the EU AI Act will concretely impact your business and how to get ready ..... | by Sophie Le Goff, Pauline Baron and Rachel Jaoui 
  • Actuarial jobs outlook | by Zuzana Weber, Jozef Hancar, Rafael Moreno Ruiz, Giampaolo Crenca, Martin Oymanns, Henning Wergen
  • Artificial Intelligence - the Act and the impact | by Jonas Offtermatt and Michael Zimmer 
  • AAE priorities in 2023 - a step on our way | by Lutz Wilhelmy
  • ChatGPT and the philosophers | by Joel Walmsley 
  • Insurance pricing: discrimination, causality and fairness | by Mathias Lindholm, Ronald Richman, Andreas Tsanakas and Mario Wüthrich 
  • The IFRS17 identity | by Servaas Houben
  • Retirement on a DC pensions - similarities, differences and improvements in NL and UK | by Gijs Cremers and Hannah English
  • Insurability and Artificial Intelligence | by Bogdan Tautan
  • 'Artificial Intelligence' | column by Esko Kivisaari

Please visit the webpage of The European Actuary on the AAE website for prior issues or further details.