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International News

News - 20/04/2017


IAALS Colloquium in Barcellona, Spain 23 - 24 october 2017 - Call for Papers Flyer - IAALS Colloquium - Barcelona 2017

News - 11/04/2017

New issue of The European Actuary

E' uscito un importante articolo sulla rivista dell'AAE sul tema della funzione attuariale (clicca qui per scaricare l'articolo). Si tratta di un altro tassello nel lavoro che stiamo facendo a livello internazionale dove stiamo cercando di riposizi...  »

News - 05/04/2017

LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER for IAA Council Webinar April 5

We will be holding a webinar for Council Delegates onWednesday April 5, 2017.  The purpose of the webinar is to preview certain topics that we will discuss at our in-person Council meeting in Budapest.    The April 5 webinar wil...  »

News - 03/03/2017

IAA Newsletter - February 2017

International Actuarial Association | Association Actuarielle International   Al seguente link è possibile aprire la Newletter - February 2017  

News - 03/03/2017

Comments Template on EIOPA-CP-16-009 Discussion Paper

The AAE answers to the recovery and resolution consultation have now been sent to EIOPA. Thanks to the whole committee and especially to those involved in the drafting.   The Officers: -        &n...  »

News - 23/02/2017

Report to Council: Nov 18, 21 and Dec 19 2016

The last reports from 2016 to Council from the Executive Committee (EC) are now available online, please see the links below. These reports are intended to provide you with an update on the work of the EC. Should you wish to have more details, pleas...  »

News - 23/02/2017

ICA 2018 newsletter - special edition

The scientific programm of the ICA 2018 includes up to 11 parallel sessions with about 100 slots for the presentation of submitted papers. Each parallel session will last 90 or 120 minutes and will contain a number of 30- to 45-minute talks. Actuari...  »

News - 23/02/2017

Aggiornamenti sulla gestione dei rapporti internazionali

Di seguito riportiamo come pro memoria lo schema della nuova gestione dei rapporti internazionali nell'ambito della rappresentanza unitaria sotto la sigla ISOA in atto dal 1 gennaio 2016 sia nei confronti dell'' IAA (Associazione Attuariale Interna...  »

News - 14/02/2017

IAA Response to FSB-TCFD consultation on a draft Recommendations on climate-related financial risk disclosures

On 18 January 2017, the IAA announced its intent to provide a formal response to the Financial Stability Board's Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) consultation on a draft recommendations on climate-related financial risk di...  »

News - 09/02/2017

ICA 2018

In 2018, the German Actuarial Association, in conjunction with the International Actuarial Association, will be hosting the 31st International Congress of Actuaries in Germany. The congress will be held from 4 - 8 June 2018 in Berlin, the vibrant a...  »

News - 26/01/2017

EAA Newsletter on CERA - 1/2017

­ ­ ­ ­ Newsletter on CERA 1/2017 ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ With the beginning of 2017, the EAA CERA programme has been reduced from s...  »

News - 19/01/2017

2017 IAA Election Results and Presidential Address

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is pleased to announce that, at its meeting on November 21, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa, the Council of the IAA elected the following individuals to serve as Officers of the IAA effective Jan...  »

News - 19/01/2017

The International Actuarial Association Adopts ISAPs 1A and 5

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) is pleased to announce the adoption of two new International Standards of Actuarial Practice (ISAPs) at its Council meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa on 21 November 2016. The two new ISAPs ...  »

News - 19/01/2017

Update from the IAA Mortality Working Group

Dear Members, Interested Parties and potential Interested Parties of the IAA Mortality Working Group,   The International Actuarial Association Mortality Working Group, which is working on the mortality and longevity issues within the fra...  »

News - 17/12/2016

Council and Committee Meetings - Budapest, Hungary

              The Marriott BudapestHotel Welcomes the International Actuarial Association Council and Committee Meetings           ...  »

News - 09/12/2016

EAA CPD-Newsletter - 12/2016

CPD-Newsletter 12/2016   Slowly, the year is coming to an end and we still have one interesting webinar topic on offer. Also, the first seminars 2017 have been scheduled already. This update shall make sur...  »

News - 09/12/2016

Presentations at IAA Meetings in Cape Town

Please find listed below presentations given during the IAA Council and Committee meetings held in Cape Town.   The IAA Session - Malcolm Campbell: How the IAA is organized and operates  Lunch Speaker - Michael Jordaan: Actu...  »

News - 05/12/2016

EAA Seminar "Validation of Technical Provisions under SII – An Actuarial Perspective" on 9/10 March 2017 in Madrid

Solvency II has come into force with the beginning of 2016. It has introduced several new tasks for actuaries in the insurance industry and different responsibilities received a stronger formal framework. One major task is the validation of models a...  »

News - 05/12/2016

European Standard of Actuarial Practice 3 (ESAP3) - ORSA

I attach the definitive version of the 2nd Exposure Draft of ESAP3 (Actuarial practice in relation to the ORSA process under Solvency II) for formal consultation.  The accompanying letter from the Chairperson of the Standards Project Team, Gábo...  »

News - 30/11/2016

AAE EU Newsletter October 2016

To: AAE Presidents; General Assembly; Committee members; Members of task forces and working groups; Secretariats   Dear colleagues, I attach with great pleasure the fifth EU newsletter prepared by ICoda European Affairs exclusively fo...  »